The More Things Change…the More Things Change

The More Things Change…the More Things Change Nothing is more constant than change. We all know that, simply by living our lives. And most of us worry about it. For example, despite the incredible gains the stock market achieved last year and the unflappable confidence of industry and business communities nationwide, people still worried. Every […]

Examining an Upward Trend in Auto Insurance Rates

Thanks to technology and public-awareness campaigns (don’t text and drive!), driving has become safer over the past few years. So why have auto insurance rates generally been trending upward? You would think that having safer vehicles, with all the safety bells and whistles, would decrease insurance costs, right? Think again. Despite increased safety measures, auto […]

Identity Protection Is More Important Than Ever

Scammers and hackers seem to be everywhere these days. Identity protection is top of mind for nearly everyone. And with this heightened awareness, it’s especially alarming when a news story breaks about huge data breaches at large organizations that handle sensitive information. Case in point: the massive cybersecurity incident at Equifax. Equifax is one of […]

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