I Want to Be an Uber Driver: How Do I Get Ride Sharing Insurance?

by Ryan Delp, CIC The emergence of ride sharing over the last several years has turned the limousine and taxi industry on its head. And, as with other emerging trends in society, the insurance world has had to adjust to keep up with the times. Traditionally, it has been very difficult and expensive to insure […]

Is an Umbrella Policy the ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card?

by Ryan Delp, CIC As an insurance agent, I have been asked numerous times something like the following: “Well, I have an umbrella policy, so it should be covered, right?” or, “If my house burns down and I don’t have enough coverage, my umbrella will cover it, right?” The perception is that if you buy […]

Why Have Life Insurance? Three Reasons

by Ryan Delp, CIC You may be wondering whether having life insurance is necessary. Most of the insurance products that we purchase are policies that are required of us. Legally, we must have auto insurance if we own a car. We cannot get a mortgage without showing proof of homeowner insurance. We are unable to […]

Here’s Why You Need Insurance

by Ryan Delp, CIC Insurance is a very unique product in the marketplace. It can be a frustrating and confusing thing to purchase because, unlike most things that people buy, you don’t receive a tangible product in return. Not only that, but insurance is unique in that the provider of the product (the insurance carrier) […]

Are the National Insurance Carriers on TV Providing Better Coverage?

by Ryan Delp, CIC If you have watched TV anytime in the past ten years, you have certainly been barraged by national insurance carriers playing out crazy scenarios and saying that if you use their company, these situations would be covered. So that begs the question, are they really providing coverage that no one else […]

Top 5 Things You Wish You Had on Your Insurance Policy

by Ryan Delp, CIC As you consider your insurance needs, check out this Top 5 list of things that people should have on their insurance policy. Sadly, many people think they already have this coverage, or wish they had this coverage in their insurance policy, when a claim comes along. Call this an homage to […]

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