May 11, 2020

We’re here to help, focused on serving you

one of very few working in the office during coronavirus pandemic
We’re here to help! Jordan Bradish is working in the office, but most Bradish Associates employees are working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our thoughts are with all our customers as together we weather the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a tough time for many. We want to let you know that despite these troubling times and the need for social distancing, we are here for you.

At Bradish Associates, we are continuing to focus on serving you, even as we take extra precautions to stay safe and healthy. Although most of us are working from home right now, we’re working harder than ever to look out for your insurance needs. Call us if you think your needs have changed as a result of the pandemic or due to any other life circumstance.

Much of our off-site, home-based productivity is supported by our new management system. Implemented March 23, 2020, our cloud-based system allows us to work from anywhere. Thanks to this new technology, we can continue to take care of your insurance needs even while sheltering in place.

The new management system enables improved communications, supports policy management, assists with efficient record keeping and will very soon include a customer portal. This portal will allow you to access and transfer documents, manage personal and policy information, and more.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer an app (coming very soon) for both Apple and Android cellphones and other portable devices. Customers will be able to download our app to manage policies, claims, payments and more, instantly — anytime, anywhere. Watch for more communication about both the customer portal and app.

As always, please call our office, at 847-259-2400, for help with claims, updates or new insurance needs. We are here to help.

We hope you and your loved ones are holding up okay during this challenging time. Take time for self-care. Get some exercise. Know that we have your back. We are only a phone call away.