December 11, 2020

Employee Showcase: Ryan Delp

Article updated January 9, 2024

Ryan Delp, senior producer and sales manager at Bradish. Photo credit: Chicago Photographer, Michael Schumann | MJS Photography

Ryan Delp is good with people and numbers. Soon after he started in the insurance business, he realized that he could combine his talents and his desire to help people and turn that into a fulfilling career.

All it took was one summer of “trying out” the insurance business and Ryan was on board. What he learned, that summer of 2005, is that, “Insurance is something that everyone needs but very few people understand. I immediately discovered that I loved helping people get the coverage that they need and helping them also understand what they are buying.”

Ryan has been with Bradish nearly 14 years. As senior producer and sales manager, his roles include bringing in new clients, helping current clients and assisting the rest of the sales team in growing their client base.

Feels like family

Ryan feels fortunate to work in a setting where people truly care about each other and their clients. “We are all part of a team and enjoy working with and helping each other. We all work very hard, but we also have a relaxed and friendly work environment.”

He appreciates the unique approach of the Bradish agency. As a mid-sized insurance agency, “I love that we are the perfect blend of small-office feel — knowing our clients personally and not just as a number — but also big-agency capability — offering a wide range of insurance carriers. We are able to help clients with pretty much any insurance needs they may have.”

In addition to a supportive work environment and the feeling of family, Ryan values the positive impact the Bradish team makes on the community. “From having our annual document-shredding day to filling Christmas gift boxes for kids in need, we do more than just sell insurance.”

Top priority: Helping people

Ryan’s favorite part of the job is, of course, working with people. “I have a wide range of clients who have different backgrounds and stories, but they all need insurance. I enjoy helping them protect their families and their businesses.”

One thing he realized early on is the importance of being responsive. “I was initially surprised at how many people appreciated how quickly I got back to them,” Ryan says. Being responsive to clients’ needs remains a major part of his work ethic. After guiding people through the insurance process and securing the coverages they need, he is always delighted when a client expresses a simple thank-you. “It’s one of the best parts of this job.”

Another fulfilling activity is the opportunity to work with his nonprofit clients. “Nonprofits provide a wide variety of wonderful and necessary services.” Ryan goes above and beyond by seeking to nominate nonprofit organizations for various grants connected with insurance companies. “One of the most satisfying parts of my job has been delivering checks to these clients and helping them continue their mission.”

Ryan has been married to Missy for 20 years. They have a son, Riley, who is 16; a daughter, Ava, who is 13; and a large chocolate lab, Rubin, who is 7. Ryan loves playing golf, being on the water, and cheering for his favorite team — the Philadelphia Eagles. He also loves “just hanging out and laughing with my family.”

by Kris A. Mainellis