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Employee Showcase

Working with Cindy G., Cindi J. and Cindy A., it’s easy to see the unique ways they shine, using their gifts to help make the Bradish team stronger.

Employee Showcase

June 1, 2023

EMPLOYEE SHOWCASE: Meet our three teammates named Cindy/i

Nate Belch likes to help people succeed. And as someone who feels driven to make a difference in people’s lives, he believes his work at Bradish is a great fit.

Business Insurance, Employee Showcase, Health Insurance

January 28, 2023


Attention to detail, responsiveness, and helping customers get the most for their money are shared values on the Personal Lines Team. With their laser-focused attention on customer needs, the team naturally delivers a great customer experience.

Employee Showcase, Personal Insurance

September 25, 2022

EMPLOYEE SHOWCASE: Personal Lines Team

Jonathan Pruett thrives on building connections with people. As a commercial insurance producer at Bradish, his focus is on growing trusted relationships with business owners to help them effectively protect their assets.

Employee Showcase

June 6, 2022


For Maddie Fernandes, it’s all about “the little things.” Whether she is serving clients, interacting with coworkers, or welcoming visitors with a smile, she seeks to infuse her work at Bradish with responsiveness and attention to detail.

Employee Showcase

December 8, 2021


Gale Wightman is, at heart, an educator. Several of her roles in life have centered on learning as much as possible about the subject at hand and then helping to share that knowledge with others. Her work with Bradish over the past eight years exemplifies this learning-and-teaching focus.

Employee Showcase

June 9, 2021

Employee Showcase: Gale Wightman

Ryan Delp is good with people and numbers. Soon after he started in the insurance business, he realized that he could combine his talents and his desire to help people and turn that into a fulfilling career.

Employee Showcase

December 11, 2020

Employee Showcase: Ryan Delp

Jordan Bradish has worked for Bradish Associates since 2005. “It has been a wonderful (almost) 15 years,” he says. Jordan’s favorite thing about Bradish Associates is that “it’s a family-owned and operated agency that is both large enough to accommodate any of our customers’ needs while maintaining a personal feel.

Employee Showcase

December 16, 2019

Employee Showcase: Jordan Bradish

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