August 10, 2019

Fast Action Prevents Water Damage Disaster

Water damage cleanup
A restoration worker helps clean up the Underys house.

Water damage can be a very serious threat to your home and property. However, quick action can make a huge difference. In the case of Jane Underys, it meant the difference between a manageable amount of damage versus a devastating loss.

This past spring, as Underys was doing her quilting work inside her basement work area, she heard water rushing down the stairs toward her. “The mainline to our toilet up in the hallway bathroom on our second floor overflowed because the plastic seal connecting the mainline to the toilet broke. Water started flooding our upstairs, downstairs, and into our basement,” said Underys. The water ran for approximately 17 minutes before it was noticed.

Underys’s son acted quickly and shut off the water in their bathroom, while their landscaper’s crew, who happened to be on hand, shut off the water main. The water caused damage worth approximately $17,000 and would have been much higher if Underys had not also acted quickly to get the right help.

“When one of our neighbors came to help, he said we should call our insurance right away, so I did. Immediately, within the hour, [Bradish] had a restoration company here with fans, dehumidifiers, ripping things up, getting things out, measuring to see if there was water in the walls; they were unbelievable,” recalled Underys.

After calling Bradish, Underys, her son and neighbors used every towel on hand to mop up the water until the restoration workers arrived to help. Thanks to Underys’ fast action in calling Bradish, she was able to minimize a disaster, resulting in a much lower cost than what could have been. Now Underys’ house is well on its way back to normal.