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Numbers of motor vehicle related deaths are holding steady in a disturbing pattern. The National Safety Council, based in Itasca, Ill., estimates that the death toll in 2018 reached 40,000. This is the third year in a row that motor vehicle deaths have approached this number.

Safe Driving

March 21, 2019

Pay Attention to the Basics to Prevent Car Crashes

After almost no snow through December, the Chicagoland area was finally pounded by a powerful snowstorm in mid-January. It's not too late to get yourself and your vehicle prepared for next time. Read on for some common-sense tips to help you avoid a winter driving emergency:

Safe Driving

January 10, 2019

Avoid a Winter Driving Emergency

Welcome to 2019! With the rush of the holiday season behind us, January can feel like a welcome respite. It can also be a good time to take stock of last year and look ahead toward what changes may be coming in 2019.

Insurance Needs, Personal Insurance

January 10, 2019

Taking Stock of Life’s Changes

We keep hearing about car accidents involving distracted driving. Recently in the Chicago suburbs, a driver with several passengers flipped his car on an expressway exit-ramp curve. He and a female passenger were killed. The other passengers were injured, but survived. One wonders if distracted driving played a part in this tragedy.

Healthy Habits, Safe Driving

April 18, 2018

What Are You Doing to Prevent Distracted Driving?

If you operate a small business in Illinois and currently subscribe to a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO health insurance plan for employees, BlueCross BlueShield has a new plan that could save 20 percent to 30 percent in premiums.

Health Insurance, Worth Mentioning by Name

March 16, 2018

A Great Health Insurance Plan for Small Businesses

How can you, as a small business owner in the Chicago area, keep expenses under control and still provide the best employee health insurance for a more reasonable price? The choices are mind-boggling and the costs seem to only go up.

Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance Needs

March 15, 2018

Finding the Best Employee Health Insurance: Who’s Doing the Homework?

Nothing is more constant than change. We all know that, simply by living our lives. And most of us worry about it. For example, despite the incredible gains the stock market achieved last year and the unflappable confidence of industry and business communities nationwide, people still worried.

Business Insurance, Insurance Needs, Personal Insurance

February 16, 2018

The More Things Change…the More Things Change

I have worked in the insurance industry for a number of years, and in that time have spoken with countless people involved in a car accident. While I have always been able to give them advice based on my professional opinion, I have never been able to speak from experience. Until now.

Insurance Needs, Personal Insurance

January 21, 2018

What I Learned From Being in a Car Accident

Thanks to technology and public-awareness campaigns (don’t text and drive!), driving has become safer over the past few years. So why have auto insurance rates generally been trending upward? You would think that having safer vehicles, with all the safety bells and whistles, would decrease insurance costs, right? Think again.

Insurance Needs, Personal Insurance

January 4, 2018

Examining an Upward Trend in Auto Insurance Rates

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